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1st SSI Freediving course in Fuerteventura history! Only 6 went to 120m depth. Miguel Lozano was one of them. Honored to host the 1st SSI Freediving course for level 1 and 2 at Deep Blue Diving. The... Read More...

We are looking for instructor, Divemaster/Divecon and trainees. If you are looking for a new challenge or have a friend who does get in contact with us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. UPDATE: Due to changed legal regulations because of the Brexit you must already have a spanish TIE number, otherwise we cannot offer you a contract within reasonable time.

Deep Blue Diving S.L.
CIF-No.: B-35510577
Muelle Deportivo / Calle Teneriffe
E - 35610 Caleta de Fuste - Fuerteventura
+34.928 163 712 / +34.606 275 468
+34.928 163 983

Deep Blue at Las Playitas Resort
Hotel Gran Resort Las Playitas
+34.653 512 638

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CEO: Volker Berbig, Roland Mårtensson

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